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Remington vs. Sako actions

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I am considering having a custom gun made. What do you guys think about the M700 action and the Sako action? I have several factory M700s and they are great. I also know that many custom rifles are also made on Sako actions. Then, to make matters more confusing, I have heard that there are Remington Actions with Sako extractors.

Does anyone know where I can find either a Remington M700 Stainless Action or Sako 70 Stainless Action? Any idea how much they cost?

What are your thoughts on this in general. What action do you think I should use?

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A buddy of mine bought a Remington (quite a few years ago) in 8mm and then gave it to a gunsmith (who used just the action) who built him some wildcat round. Now this guy doesnt get a thrill unless he is shooting 300-500 yds across corn fields. He is a very good shot. I do not know the caliber he is using but he has to form his own brass and of course load his own shells. I think he shoots a 140 gn bullet. Now he is finding out that there are several guns out there that will do what his will do and you can use factory ammo. I think he had about 2700.00 into the gun.
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