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Remington vs. Sako actions

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I am considering having a custom gun made. What do you guys think about the M700 action and the Sako action? I have several factory M700s and they are great. I also know that many custom rifles are also made on Sako actions. Then, to make matters more confusing, I have heard that there are Remington Actions with Sako extractors.

Does anyone know where I can find either a Remington M700 Stainless Action or Sako 70 Stainless Action? Any idea how much they cost?

What are your thoughts on this in general. What action do you think I should use?

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A couple of questions:

What's it for?

How and where will it be used?

The Remingtons are great target/benchest actions as are the Sakos. Remingtons are probably the more accurate. They both do well out in the bush too, although neither wouldn't be my first choice there.

There have been documented cases of Remingtons modified for Sako extractors failing. Don't recall all the particulars, but shouldn't be too hard to track down.

Maybe consider starting with a stainless Winchester Model 70 Classic or something built upon a Mauser 98.

Just my two cents worth, but I have a little bit of experience here and abroad. I've seen both Sakos and Remingtons have problems out in the bush and during week long rifle courses.

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