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Resistance is Not Futile; Rather It is Highly Effective

Recent studies indicate people who employ self protective strategies are better off than those who do not. And, even better, you do not have to be an expert martial artist to expertly protect yourself or a loved one.

Recently the Florida State University department of Criminology released a study indicating that people who employed self protection strategies reduced their likelihood of injury when compared to nonresistance.

Old research seemed to indicate that resistance to confrontational crime contributed to victim injury. New information reveals the old assumptions were found to be largely attributable to confusion concerning the sequence of self protective actions and injury. In crimes where both occurred, injury followed self protection in only 10 percent of the incidents. Combined with the fact that injuries following resistance are almost always relatively minor, victim resistance appears to be generally a wise course of action.

Confrontational crime is an ongoing problem in society. Innocent citizens need a functional set of humane self defense strategies and techniques to keep themselves and their loved ones safe. For this reason the Tactics Training Center has partnered with the non-profit group Full Circle Self Defense to provide an ongoing series of self defense classes to the public.

The series, titled "Humane Self Defense", will focus on simple, effective, humane methods of personal protection. Proven techniques anyone can master will be demonstrated and practiced with special emphasis on avoidance and escape. Topics such as awareness, victim profiles, attacker profiles, law and liability will be discussed.

Scot Combs, President of Full Circle Self Defense says…"People have no trouble locking their homes and cars or having alarm systems installed to increase their personal security. But what happens when they're not behind locked doors? They need a functional set of tactics and techniques to protect themselves or another from violent attack. It's critical they neither over-respond nor under-respond; either case can be devastating."

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