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My disclaimer first, a few years ago I had high hopes of getting into reloading. It never happened. I'm selling off what I've purchased/accumulated over the years. I'm confident all of this brass is in reloadable condition, some of it is very clean, some of it is factory new, and some of it will need to be tumbled a little longer than the rest. That being said, I'm selling all of this in "As Is" condition. My young son and I spent a long time getting this organized. All quantities are approximate. If you don't like my price make me a fair offer please. Don't write me hate mail telling me I'm crazy, and such and such place has it for cheaper. Frankly, I dont care. Also, I own a masonry business, that and my family are my number one priority. I don't sit by the computer waiting for Private Messages, you will hear from me, patience please. Lastly, I will accept reasonable offers and combine shipping if need be. I'm not very good with technology or computers, I'm doing all of this with a smart phone a little bigger than a credit card. Ok that's done. Free PayPal, money order, maybe check, accepted...first "I'll take it" with PM to follow, brings home the bacon!! All prices are shipped.

3855 Win. (20 pcs) $20

284 Win. (40 pcs) $40

308 Win. (75 pcs) $60

338 Win. (60 pcs) $60

7mm BR (R-P head) New (50 pcs) $65

270 Win. (60 pcs) $45 [SOLD]

7mm-08 (85 pcs) $65

225 Win. (100 pcs) $150

250 Sav. (45 pcs) $50

8mm Mauser New (20 pcs) $25 [SOLD]

356 Win New (40 pcs) $45

348 Win New (60 pcs) $85 [SOLD]

458 Win (30 pcs) $60 [SOLD]

30-40 Krag (60 pcs) $60 [SOLD]

30 USG (18 pcs) $30

22 Rem BR New (100 pcs) $125

30 Rem (100 pcs) $140

*Stuff marked new is that, but has some tarnish etc on it.

**Rawhide Chews .50 cents each 馃槅


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