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rifle reblue

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I have a old rifle which has had hard use and I would like to clean off the metal maybe remove the blueing and then reblue it. I'm sure sombody has attempted this themselves and has some advice for me. I would also love to see some before and after pictures. I know that several companies sell kits with the supplies needed to do "cold" blueing so I would like to hear from anybody who has tried this.
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my advice is that for anything other than very small touchups, all cold blues suck. sorry to be a downer, but thats my opinion.
While it's true most cold blues are sold as touch ups, Brownells sells a couple that work very well indeed on entire weapons. Not as durable as some other blues but a bunch cheaper.. 'Dicropan IM' is a very good bluing agent but requires more work than my favorite, 'Oxpho Blue'. Oxpho Blue requires less trouble than other cold blue products. It will blue thru oil. Not a massive coat but the steel does NOT have to be oil/grease free to color nicely. It does not produce a 'black' color but rather a dense dark blue, on most steel. Oxpho blue is the most abrasion resistant and easiest to apply cold blue I've ever used. It will absolutely do an entire firearm. Perhaps not a fine slow rust blue but quite cost effective.
I reblued an entire Turkish Mauser with Oxpho-Blue. I did the best I could with the prep work. You have to look pretty close to tell it was a cold blue job. It looks pretty good if I do say so myself.

Thanks for the information. I will have to give brownells a look.
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