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riflescope on a contender?

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i'm thinkin on it. my .223 barrel needs a scope. can't afford another good burris 3x12 handgun scope right now. i want it on my 6tcu barrel now anyway. may be a cheap option and a different way to shoot this barrel. what are the plus and minus's of this method? how hard you reckon it would be to shoot in the field or off the bench?
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Rifle scopes on handguns

:wink: A few years back, there was a lengthy article in the HHI Sixgunner newsletter about the subject. A couple guys were using scopes to 24 power with centerfire .22s and other small wildcats with phenomenol results. They also made their own large, flat forends for varmint shooting. They were cutting out the ace of clubs at loooong range with them. I believe they applied just enough pressure to the top of the scope with their off hand to control recoil. RKBA!
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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