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riflescope on a contender?

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i'm thinkin on it. my .223 barrel needs a scope. can't afford another good burris 3x12 handgun scope right now. i want it on my 6tcu barrel now anyway. may be a cheap option and a different way to shoot this barrel. what are the plus and minus's of this method? how hard you reckon it would be to shoot in the field or off the bench?
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rifle scope

I've used a 4-16 Tasco rifle scope on my 6tcu for over 20 years. I use the barrel for ground hogs. I made a cradle out of plywood that mounts on a camera tripod, for a rest. I find the target in the scope, then I move my head back far enough so that the scope doesn't hit my nose. I have only about 1/3 of the field of view through the scope, but it's enough. I bought a soft rubber ring that mounts on the scope's eyepiece just in case I get to close. It will still hit fairly hard, but the scope will not cut your nose. it's available ftom Brownells or Graph + Son. It takes a little pratice but once you get the hang of using the rifle scope, you will be amazed how far the 6tcu will reach out. 8)
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