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Rimmed vs Rimless

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I know that rimmed cartridges are generally accepted as most accurate in break open actions. Having that nice solid rim to headspace on should hake for better accuracy, but in practice, is there enough difference to measure? The accuracy of my .300 Savage S14 barrel no longer amazes me, as sub one inch groups have become common from it. With a five shot string, I often have two or three in one ragged hole, when using the bipod. I do neck size, but I couldn't swear that it makes much difference. So, I am wondering if some of those exotic rimmed wildcat chamberings are really worth the trouble?....DanM
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My 300Sav barrel used to be a .30 Herett S14 TC, and was rechambered by SSK. The load I am using goes like this: AA2520-42.5grs. Nosler 150 Ballistic Tips, and CCI250 primers. I seat them out to 2.815". That is way too long for a Savage 99 magazine. That load is straight from the Lee manual. I did try them a little hotter, but they got a little sticky on extraction, so I backed down to what the book said. With this load, the cases pull out easily with a fingernail. I know there is some disagrement about the safety of the 300 Savage in a Contender, but this one has been good to me....DanM
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