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WWII - Dad's gun was a 30-06 M1, 30 Carbine, 45 M1911
Vietnam - My gun was an M-14, M-16, 45 M1911
Iraq/Afghanistan - My son's gun was ditto Vietnam, Barrett M83

Two generations of plastic stocked guns and the Gun Mags going Full Tilt to show the Left how much the pro-gun crowd wants to use and shoot plastic guns.

Also, we NEED the equivalent firepower of our political enemies - both foreign and DOMESTIC.

I will never be rid of my 338 Winchester Mag, my son's M14 (a FINE battle rifle), my plastic AR-15, Colt Defender 1911, or stainless Ruger K77/22RP. I kind of like my pump-action Benelli 12 gage for "Repelling Borders" too.

I will never go to Africa but I enjoy those that have and will carrying the block buster calibers in fine wood stocks. Englishmen still have that love for wood!
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