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Rossi Combo .22/shotgun single

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I am hoping you can give your opinion on this inexpensive package: Rossi .22rf/.410 or 20ga. single rifle/shotgun. Comes with interchangable barrels that "Dick's" is selling for $119.98. Is it similar in quality to H&R's singles? Better/worse, same as??

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have one..LOVE it!

I bought the Rossi .17HMR / 410 combo. What a deal 120.oo bucks. I have that .17 dialed in and man what a shooter. Yeah its single shot..big deal I can shoot, dont need a 2nd! lol. I have 3x9x50 simmons on tapered barrel. At 150 yards you can cover my shots with a 50 cent piece. Barrels swap in 30 seconds. My daughter uses the .410 to bust bunnies. Great gun for the money
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