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Rossi Inline

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I just picked up about a month ago a Rossi/Braztech 50 caliber/243 combo. It looks identical to a NEF huntsman. I took it out today to shoot it and it was very impressive. Not sure if it will go to the woods with me. but my daughter will love it. I still prefer the old T/C hawken. Jus twanted to pass on the info in case anyone was looking at them. IMO worht the money.
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Bubba, does it use the plastic 209 carriers like the H&R/NEF? How's the trigger on yours? Most folks say the telescoping ramrod on the Huntsman is garbage, is it the same on the Rossi?

No it does not have the plastic 209 carriers. The trigger was good and the ramrod the only time I think it would be a problem would be in the field when reloading quickly. I just figured if I was in my ground bling I would extend it while I was sitting there before I truly needed it extended
Took a look of it on their web page. Is that price right for the
combo, or is it a missprint? $252??? If both barrels are shooters,
that's the best bargain out there?
Pretty specific requirements on loads spelled out in their owner's manual, else you'll void your warranty. Have to use Pyrodex Pellets??? What kind of a requirement is that? No loose powder, no Cleanshot pellets, no cast bullets, no deviations allowed.

Someone on HA commented the one they saw had incredibly loose lockup?

I am more concerned with the ramrod's durability than it's speed of use.
I paid 250 for mine. I called them about the guide lines and they are a misprint according to the company. They said you will not void your warranty by shooting any standard propellents or projectiles. I personally think that Pyrodex (Hogdon) paid them to print that that way. I shot mine with loose pyrodex and it shot very well. My other theory is that they lean toward the unknowing. It is hard to mess up 2 pellets. besides I can truly not see how they will know if I shot a pellet or loose powder if I needed service.

So bubba, what loads did you use in yours? I read the online
manual, too, and they say to use only Pyro, no more than 100gr,
or the warrantee is void. Is the lockup on your Rossi solid?

Underclocked - I got one of those ramrods and they do seem to
be very durable. Wear it in a pool cue type pouch around my
neck. Got a new barrel for the Encore without the ramrod guides
so it could accept the same forearm as my Tactical 20. She looks
great that way, but looks more like a 45-70 or .458 barrel, so
we will no doubt get checked closely first time a warden sees it
out in the field during ML season!!!
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my buddy just picked up the .50 cal plus the extra 20 gauge bbl and forearm w/case for $185.00 out the door!! Not usre if the .50/243 is more $$$ than this but he got a **** of a deal otherwise...
I used 100 grains of pyrodex rs loose no pellets. green hornady sabot and a 200 grain 44 cal pistol bulllet I mold myself. It is a good combo have killed deer with this bullet hits hard opens up and pushes through
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