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Ruger 10/22

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I recently purchased a Ruger 10/22 all weather model in stainless steel. From everything I have read it appears that this rifle is a very good buy for the price. I shopped around and found Wal-Mart to have the lowest price for a new one. I looked at several used ones in varying condition and decided to pop for a new one. Does anyone know of a trigger kit that can be purchased for this rifle. The factory trigger on this rifle is not bad at all but I think that it could be a little smoother. If there is a kit out there about what does it run and can you put it in yourself or do you need a "smith" to do it?? Also, I want to get a scope for it and am not up to speed on what type of scope would work best for indoor as well as outdoor shooting. I don't want to put more $$$ into a scope than what the rifle cost. Any help anyone can give would be greatly appreciated. As usual I have a high level of confidence with the posts on this forum as most of the folks here seem to have a great deal of knowledge and the beauty of it is that they are willing to share it. Thanks again folks. :-D
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[/color] :gun4: I don't know if its the same I just got a 10/22-22 stainless at wally-world wood stock but the gun is about 4 in l
longer then the standard 10/22 hense the 10/22-22 had a tag new product
I put a simmons 3-9x32 so far so good. Cost at wally-world 214 plus tax can't beet it with a stick.
Ken, if you just want to improve it for good plinking/hunting, all that's needed is to remove the hammer and stone&polish it. You'll be surprised how rough the surface is! Don't change the notch angle, just smooth it up. This makes a big improvement. I also replaced the stiff trigger spring with the Pentel Pencil spring (a popular trick), but couldn't really tell if that helped or not - it also required drilling the hole in the trigger guard a bit larger. The trigger/sear can be a PITA to reinstall, til you get the hang of it. Doing the hammer is easy, and all you really need. This'll save you $30 on the cost of Volquartzen's custom hammer.
The scope rail supplied is okay for basic shooting, but if you want something better, Weaver's TO9 rail is the popular unit. It allows you to use both rimfire dovetail rings or Weaver rings, and is more secure.
I'm using a set of Weaver see-thru rings that bolt directly to the receiver, and allow me to use the irons if desired.
I like the "rifle-style" stock and 22" barrel of my WallyWorld Special, and won't change it - though I would prefer walnut over the stained birch wood.
Hope this helps. :grin:
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Bigdog: Thanks for the info on the trigger and rings and scope. I will look into those. Also will take the piece down and see how the trigger setup is and do a little work on that also. All in all it appears to be a great 22 rifle for the $214.00 at Wally-World. The stainless model is about 4 inches longer than the standard blue model. As I get older I am getting most of my guns in stainless as they do clean up a lot easier and the finish is a lot more forgiving from the bumps and bruises of outdoor shooting. Again thanks for the info. :)
Ken stone/polish all the parts on the sear mating faces then use a moly-anti seize it will smooth it out even more. Or you can just use the moly and let it wear in. BigBill

Merry Christmas to All!!!!!! :D
How do you like the 10/22-22?

For those of you who mentioned the 10/22-22 (with the longer barrel), how do you like it? How is the accuracy, especially compared to the basic 10/22? I'm thinking about picking up a 22 and this one really caught my eye. How much difference does the 4 inches make in a 22 caliber? I'd appreciate any info, good or bad on the rifle.

Thanks so much,

The extra length is basically just cosmetic. The serious rimfire competition guys say that 16" is about optimum for .22LR accuracy and velocity - any longer and velocity starts to drop due to friction. Myself, I just like the appearance of a longer barrel, and the larger "rifle-style" stock.
My accuracy is okay - about .75 to 1.00" at 50 yards - a good plinker/squirrel rifle. I've got a Simmons silver 3-9X40 on it, and the combo works well. It seems to prefer CCI Minimags, ammo-wise.
Polishing the hammer is the only thing I've done to it so far - taking the trigger pull from Gawd-awful to fairly-decent.
Was wondering about the 4 inches in a 22...

Thanks Bigdog. I was questioning if there would be any advantage to the extra barrel length in a 22. I appreciate your input.

Thanks again,
I'm beginning to get a complex!.......................................................... I don't hear anyone else with a 10/22 complain about the bolt release thingy??????????? How come ? You like that God-Awful routine in which you have to pull the slide back with one hand, while pushing back and up on the release with the other hand. Anyone out there listening to me WAH, Wah, Wah! Then there's that Vise-Grip Trigger!
The bolt release is a pain until you have done it about 100 times then it gets to be automatic. I run the .22 shoot at our turkey shoot and before I bought a 10/22 I spent about 1/4 hour every year getting the bolt released on the customers guns because they did not really know how to work it.
The trigger on mine was 6.5 #. I put one of cabelas trigger and sear kits in and now its a very crisp 2.5 #. I tink that I could get it less with alittle work but 2.5 on a semi is about right for me.
Anyone try the 60 gr. subsonic? I bought abrick and when I tried them in the 10/22 everyone keyholed and i got about a 14" group at 50'.
I have no problems with bolt lock works real quick

I just bought mine 2 days ago at wally world, and the trigger is a little heavy for me, but I am use to it from one of my air guns. So far I really like it and its been fun to use for my first "real" gun. Any suggestions cleaning intervals.
Hey! That bolt releasing movement is a one-handed operation. Plant the rifle butt against your thigh, hook your thumb over the top of the cocking handle and push up on the release with your trigger finger. Voila! Does this make me a freak of nature?

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