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Well, I decided to make the stainless finish on my New Model Super Single Six look like new again. The finish previously looked about halfway between brushed and glossy stainless. It had apparently been shined with some gunmetal polish. I wanted it to look like the factory brushed finish, which would cut down on glare in the woods.

After doing some research, I found a very inexpensive way of restoring the factory look. I went to Wally-World and bought a 3 pack of Scotch Bright Heavy duty pads (the yellow sponge with the green pad backing). I then removed my grips, front sight, cylinder, and ejector rod/housing. I then used the coarse (green) side of the pad and followed what was left of the factory buff marks. It didn't take very long and I was quite pleased with the outcome! After doing the whole gun, cylinder, and reassembling, it looked great, a very uniform, matte brushed stainless finish. Now, the finish on my other gun (Super Redhawk) has never been messed with, and still looks factory fresh. I compared the finish on the Single Six to my Super Redhawk's finish, and they were dead ringers. I was very glad to find out that for so little money and time I could bring back the factory brushed stainless look. Although it is temporary, the pad also took away the timing line mark on the cylinder. I just thought I would share this in case some of you Ruger folks would like an inexpensive way to bring back that factory brushed look. :gulp:
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