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Looking for used Ruger Express with GOOD wood in 30-06 or 270 to turn into 35 Whelen. If the price is reasonable send a couple of e-photos to me at [email protected]

Will also consider 7mm mag or 300 mag if wood is good and price is reasonable but much prefer 06/270. Thank you.

If you dont have a Ruger Express I am also looking for vintage Belgian Browning 270/30-06, Safari Grade. but its my second choice. send e-photos and price. FN action only, no SAKO actions. Would not want new in the box since I am reboring to 35 Whelen. These very a lot from one region of the country to another so please understand if I do not respond if the price is too high. I just bought a 99 percent 30-06 here in Arizona for $599 with mounts/rings.

Model 70's are gold and priced through the roof. So that is how thinkgs vary. Am sure you understand and thanks to all. I am not a dealer. Am just buying one. So you would have to ship to local FFL here. Have no interest in whatever scope might be attached.
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