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Ruger M77 MArk II Trigger

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:? I have Ruger M77 Mark II that I would like to put an adjustable trigger in. All the ones I look at say to have a gunsmith put it on. Can anyone tell me why this is and which would be the best trigger to buy???
Thanks Big T
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I have the Timney in mine. I have heard some people knock them but it gives my M77 a pull of 1 1/2 lbs with with no creep and no excess overtravel. I had a gunsmith order and install mine, but the installation was not difficult. He took out the old trigger. Then he showed me where the fitting would have to be done. There is a raised spot on each side that you file to fit your gun so it does not bind but is not to loose. Then you file the safety part of the new trigger. It is made longer than it needs to be and should be fitted to your gun so that there is just enough clearance for the safety to move through its full range but if its filed to short the gun will fire while the safety is on. That is why they say to have a gunsmith install it. But it is not hard if you go slow and put the trigger in and check it often. While doing the safety portion of my gun the smith had to stop and wait on several coustomers and when he finished I had finished the fitting and was putting the trigger in for the final time. He inspected it then ask if I would like to come help him with some things in his shop.
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I had a Timney installed on my Ruger. It's fantastic!
The only thing that I would add is to emphasis that a competent gunsmith should install a Timney Trigger because sometimes certain triggers require that a stock be modified a little bit. This was true of my Remington BDL SS DM where I had a Jewell trigger installed. I'm not sure about the Rugers, but just make sure.

I advise you to send a little more money to a gunsmith to ensure the safety of not only others, but yourself.

Remember, safety is always #1

Zachary, The Timney trigger for the Rugger M77 should not have to have any stock work to be done in the fitting. Other brands I dont have any experance with and therefore cant comment on. As to having a gunsmith install the trigger, After reading your post then re-reading mine I realized I probably made it sound to easy. If anyony does not have experince in working on triggers you should not try this alone. At the time mine was installed I had done some work on various triggers before and I still would not have done any work on this one if the smith had not been there and had not explained what had to be done before starting. I also had him check what I had done before completely reassembling the gun. A good gunsmith's work is the cheapist thing we can pay for when it comes to safety. Thanks for the reminder.
Yes, from your post I believed that it was a fairly easy procedure. Thanks for clarifying that you have some experience with this, but that novices should take these matters to gunsmiths. :D

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