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:D Well after taking 3 deer (1 8 pt buck and 2 doe) with my 7mm Super Bower I went back to basics and used my Ruger SBH 7.5" 44 Mag with open sights. A buddy of mine pushed a nice 130 lb doe past me in the woods and I took the shot at 35 yards. The Speer 270 gr bullet went through both lungs with out hitting any bone, liquidating the lungs, then left a 1-1.5" exit. I was impressed. This is my first experience with jacketed bullets in a straight wall pistol cartridge as I usually use heavy for caliber LBT style bullets in my all my revolvers from 357 up through 454. The doe ran 25 yards and dropped. This load used 20.5 grs of H110, CCI mag primer and, of course the Speer Gold Dot. Good hunting all and stay safe...RW
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