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Ruger SRH 480 vs Gun Test Magazine

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When Ruger brought the SRH in .480 the above mentioned magazine gave it a real slammin' stating that it was an uncalled for boat anchor filling no particular need or words to that effect. Did anyone read the article and those lucky dogs who have one of these guns, could you give us a mini review of performance todate.
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When was that? I always cob my Dad's Gun Test mags after he's read them. But I missed that one.

I have a 480 but it is a custom BlackHawk, so I can't tell you much about the Redhawk. I really like the 480 cartridge though. I am amazed at the amount of "poo-pooing" this cartridge gets by many folks. I can remember when the 44 Mag was young. It was bad mouthed by many back then too. So I wouldn't put much stock in "there is no need for it".
I think it is more versatile than the 44mag, or the45 Colt/ 454C if you hand load.

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