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:?: Ruger SuperBlackhawk

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I have a Ruger SuperBlackhawk that always shoots high. Right now with light ammo it will shoot 7 inches high and 1.5 inches to the left (with the sights adjusted all the way)at 50 yards. With heavy ammo it shoots much higher. Is there an easy "fix" that I am missing or do I need a professional gunsmith? Thanks for the help.
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:eek: filing down a sight is making it shorter. If shooting high, you need it taller. Call Ruger and have them send you a sight blade for the 45 Colt blackhawk. They are a little taller than the .44. Drive out the roll pin in the front sight and pull out the blade and insert the new one. About a 2 minute job with brass hammer and pin punch.

Steve :wink:
:-D Just do it the easy way. Contact Ruger, ask for the front sight blade for a 45 colt, and install it when it comes in. Been there, done that. I have one on my 44. Don't file off nothing, don't screw up the gun. Put on a Ruger front signt blade. If you call, they will likely send you one for free.

Steve :wink:
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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