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Ruger vs Smith and Wesson

I could well be mistaken here, but during the Ruger debacle, several other manufacturers were going step and stride with Ruger and things were done above the table with industry knowledge.

Smith did their bidding behind closed doors and their deal effectively "sold out" the other manufacturers just to save Smith's hide. All was done in secret, disclosing propriatory industry information, with the most destructive political administration the American shooter had ever seen. The agreement put Smith into a preferential "no-bid" contracting arena that pretty much stabbed the rest of the industry in the back.

At this time, I believe Smith still has that preferential contract status because some of their agreement still stands.

I'm not sticking up for Ruger, I really wish they had not done that. The whole industry effectively subjugated themselves to the same thing, though. The deal Smith made, was under the table and behind closed doors, selling out their brothers in arms in the process (along with the shooting public).

I'm not an industry insider, but that has been the research I've been able to dig up. I've never pushed my views on Smith on others and am not trying to that now. It was a personal issue and still is.

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Ruger vs Smith and Wesson


The agreement is STILL IN PLACE and just waiting for another democrap to take the office of President. Bush hasn't made it go away he is just ignoring it. A GREAT BIG DIFFERENCE. S&W's new ownership has done nothing to get out from under it even tho they almost assurredly could with Bush in office.

So there is really nothing changed at S&W except for the ownership. S&W MUST DIE!

As to Ruger he did bad. He did REAL BAD!! He shoulda kept his mouth shut. But as much as I disliked the man and still dislike the products of the company I don't think he actually went to the government and talked them into anything. I think his remarks were made in a speech he gave in public. He is dead and as far as I'm concerned a good riddance it is. But since he is gone I see no reason to blame the company for what a stupid remark he made. His remark didn't cause the 10 shot mag limit. Didn't help prevent it either but didn't cause it.

Who did? The NRA. They told Bush Sr. oh yeah we think we can live with that and since we speak for all gun owners (BS they don't speak for me) we say go ahead and sign it, we'll live it just fine. The NRA's under handed move convinced Congressmen and Senators to pass it and Bush to sign it.

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