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Rural Alaska Etiquette

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Not to start an argument but to inform hunters visiting remote Alaska. Trophy hunting is not understood by many rural Alaskans and it makes a lot of people real uncomfortable. Also there have been a number of cases where the meat was abandoned and wasted but the head retrieved. This stirs up a lot of bad feelings among the locals who depend heavily on wild meat. It has resulted in regulations requiring retrieval of ALL meat, often on-the-bone, before the rack or head may be removed from the field.

Air taxis are required to report any hunters who don't seem to have enough of the meat with them. Our enforcement officers now use very small helicopters to check kill sights and the pack route to make sure all meat is recovered. Each year a number of hunters are busted for not meeting the legal requirements. It can mean big fines in the thousands of $, confiscation of guns and gear, one guy got jail time.

So please, be sure you know the regulations and follow them completely. If you don't want all the meat many of the air taxis have connections to dispose of it legally IF YOU TAKE GOOD CARE OF IT. Remember a moose is a big as a horse and caribou can be pretty big too and it can be murder to carry one far over the tundra. Think before you shoot and don't hunt where you can't carry it out.

Come have a good time. My note is to help with the problem. I just sent a note to our newspaper asking for balance after they published an article bashing outside hunters for being wasteful head hunters.
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Car hunting ain't too awful practical up here. Most places along the roads have some sort of restriction on them like: National Park, Permit by Drawing, Tier II, etc... Now we ain't got but 4 or 5 major roads nowhow, so it makes sense to limit the number of animals that can be taken. If you have some health problems, a fly in hunt or a float trip is a really good way to go.

Brown Bear is really really good if you get 'em in a berry patch or before the salmon start running. Yessir. A berry patch bear roast will put a beef roast to shame any day. Try one. If he's been feeding on salmon, it ain't so good, but get 'em early or high up and they are pretty dang tasty.
Lots of areas up off the Denali Highway (a washed out gravel track of a road for the most part) prohibit the use of 4 wheelers too.
Here's a good point to ponder: there are somewhere in the neighborhood of 330,000 square MILES of public land available to hunt, fish, trap and just generally run amuck on.

1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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