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Rust removal on SS

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Rust removal on SS

Use Fine steel wool with some gun oil to remove the rust.I use this on all my SS guns before they rust then use Mothers Mag Wheel cleaner to put a light polish on the SS never had any rust after that.
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Rust removal on SS

Yes,SS will rust in time and use.One thing is when going hunting don't put your gun in a case and leave it in the truck the up and down temps will put rust on fast.But, if you do just put a light coat of oil on the gun same as when not in use.The Mothers Mag Wheel polish works great if you rub hard it will polish the SS.
A few other rust removal suggestions...

Steel wool (fine) is indeed a good rust removal system. I'm going to suggest a few other things as well that you might find useful someday, espacially if the rust/stain doesn't easily come off w/ just steel wool.

A little over a week ago I made one of my all-time most stupid mistakes..... :oops: I won't go into the deatails, but I managed to leave my favorite knife, a custom CARBON STEEL one given to me last Christmas by my wife, in a cooler in the bed of my truck for a week :( ; to make things worse, before putting the knife up, I had used it to open the stomeach of a dead deer and probe the stomach contents :eek: ; to make things even MORE worse, after it had been there a few days, we had a VERY HEAVY rain so that the knife was in standing water when I discovered :eek: . About 30-40% of both sides of the knife was badly STAINED :shock: , although not very rusted. Needless to say, I was nearly sick :evil: .... Anyway, after working w/ it for a total of probably 75-90 min, it once again looks very good :grin: . There are still two small areas of imperfection, but no one can notice it except me. I did most of the work by hand; one the really stubborn areas I also used a Dremel tool w/ a mild abrasive wheel followed by a felt polishing wheel w/ various polishing pastes (see below). The hand work was done w/ combo of fine steel wool, polishing paste, and oil. The pastes used (in order of effectiveness) included: Iosso Bore Paste, Simichrome Polish, Flitz, and Cutlery World Polish. The oils used (similar effectiveness) included Clenzoil and 70/30 Kroil/Shooters Choice Bore Cleaner. The Iosso REALLYL puts a shine on metal! 8)

Hope you NEVER get in the same predicament as did I :roll: , but thought I'd pass this on, just in case..... :wink: Gary T.
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