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S&W 1911?

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:coffee:I was in the gun shop the other day and the shopkeeper said Smith and Wesson was comming out with a new 1911 style automatic. Anyone else hear about it? Any specifics?
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yep on the 1911

In my last American Rifleman quote from S&W
" Smith and Wesson will be developing a 1911 ( style handgun ). It will be stainless steel, standard 5" (gun). It's a 1911 all the way, with 1911 parts. The only difference will be that it will have a external extractor, which is a vast inprovment over the original. The 1911 is just one of the new things that we are going to have at the 2003 Sho Show ".
:D Gotta get me one of those. Thanks for the info.
S&W 1911

There is a nice picture of it on the Smith & Wesson web site! Go to firearms then look in "what's new". If the price is right, I'm gonna get me one and drop the Springfield Armory pistol I have. :-D
S&W 1911 prices

I don't remember exactly, but the suggested retail price is in the $900.00 range. I found a company ( that quoted a price of somewhere around $670.00. +$14.00 shipping. I now KNOW what my next gun purchase will be! :-D
S&W 1911

:grin:I like my Springfield V-10. I just put a Novak rear sight on it. I haven't found any ammo that it doesn't like. But this Smith has wetted my appitite. I cannot find anyone who has one. All of the suppliers tell me the next ones the get are spoken for. I had the same problem with Ruger's Gold Lable. I finally canceled my order and bought an Italian smoke pole.
There are a lot of 1911's out there that are quality built. I hope I can wait long enough for a Smith.
S&W 1911

Hay Grumpy: I saw some pictures of those new Smiths in one of my gun magazines that came in the mail yesterday and whoooeee, ain't she a purdy one. Dang me if it doesn't look just like an older Model 39, and I sure did like those. I may have to get one. Mikey.
I've handled but not shot one! The slides are essentially the same as the D-W, but have the scalloped serrations on slide ala -945, and have pinned external extractor as D-W. They have the Briley bushing system instead of the NM configuration of D-W.
Also, the frame is not exactly 1911, (no seperate mainspring housing ala. 945, but takes 1911 mag release and magazines.
Fit and finish, were typical S&W Perf. Ctr. and accuracy should be same.. My two, soon to be three Perf Ctr. 9mm guns shoot ~1.0"@25yds, came with targets shot by Tom Gordon to back it up. My experience affirms too.
There will probably be a 6-8mo. wait for the guns. I was told to expect a 8-9mo wait on a 6" PPC-9 I ordered in October, by Beth Myette of S&W Perf. Ctr.
:) Put my hands on one. The dealer had three with about a $200 markup. The checkbook had to be restrained. It almost wrote the check by itself. It also was under the watchful eye of the little lady. HMMMMM...
There was a nice little write up on the S&W 1911 in the March issue of "shooting Times".

From looking at it I have to say that "I WANT ONE!!!".
Sincere Flattery!

Sincere Flattery, But there is only one True 1911!
The rest are just imitations!

(My imitation is a Springfied Armory though!
But I really wish I still had my Old Colt!)
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