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what should a sabot look like after it is fires from a good load?

I went to the range and found most of the ones I shot (they are florescent orange) They al where uniformed in appearance the bottom of them where flared out with some rifling marks, the peddles that hold the bullet where still somewhat straight, and no burn marks could be seen on the sabot at all.

I would like to know if this is what they should look like or am I using to much powder.

My load is 90 gr. of pyrodex P and horndy 45 cal 240 gr. xtp magnum bullets with bulk sabot

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I'd say that you are right on target. My XTP 240gr. Hornady sabots look the same with 90grains Triple 7. I bought some new polymer tipped 200 gr/40 cal. in 50 cal. orange sabots from Precision Rifle recently and found that all the petals on the sabot were gone/ broken after firing. I e-mailed Precision's Cecil (the guru of muzzle loaders) and he states that is exactly how the orange sabots should look after firing....designed to break away about 25 yds. from the muzzle. So you see, nothing can be taken for granted!?? Accuracy and consistancy are everything.

If you are consistently shooting good 100 yard groups with a load, I wouldn't be a bit concerned about how the sabots look after firing.
I was just able to get it sighted in at the 50 y. mark the other day. I rea out of bullets before I could do any real group shooting. but once I got it on the paper I could follow the string of shots down to the center they moved about what they should have when I moved the adjustments on the scope. Right now I am somewhat happy with dead on at 50 because most of my shots are no further then that.
when i get a chance to do real range time i will sight it in to be about 2 inches high at 100 y this should be in the kill zone of a deer out to 200 Y.
Just my opinion for what it's worth. I don't believe you should be using a muzzle loader for game at a range anywhere close to 200yds. These things are supposed to be limited range guns, as are shotguns w/ slug. I know..........manufacturers are hawking their super high velocity 45cal. black powder guns at outragious ranges, but that don't make them shoot any more accurately! Do us all a favor and keep it real. Take that game within a 100yd. range and bring your game down quickly with a clean kill.

I do agree with keeping the shots short, that is why i am not real unhappy with being dead on at 50 Y. this will put me about 1.5 inches low at 100. the 200 y. shots will be very very rare if ever. the 200 y. zero gives a better margin of error when judging the distance.

The set-up i am useing is a 14 inch contender with custom 209x50 barrel from bullberry. it has a 2x leupold scope so real long range shots are out.

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