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If they shoot in your rifle you might actually find they work well. I'm still looking for the first load with them that will provide me with satisfactory accuracy (not great just satisfactory) in any of my rifles.

Most folks who use them say they have great terminal performance but they have had quality problems and sometimes they have been reported to not expand. Dunno as I've yet to use one on game as they just don't shoot in my rifles. Haven't given up on them yet but haven't found a useful load yet either.

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Barnes X-bullets - Are they worth devoting

My first experience was in the 30-30. Couldn't get it to shoot under 8" groups. But I shoot deer up close, so I tried 'em just to use 'em up. Shot a nice 6 point. Bullets not recovered 50 yard shot. Pieces of bullet recovered (petals) lots of 'em. Deer required finishing shot, same results.
Exit wound, nothing to write home about.
Shot another deer same size this year, similar result, lots of petals.
Not impressed. For the expense of them, they should perform better. I'll go back to Hornady Interlocks, and cast bullets.
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