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Arrived at Mikes just as Carol is climbing out of her Jeep. She asked how the visit with my brother went Monday/ I told her that I got to see him and my sister with COPD. She took the detour to stop and see us from a doctors appointment that contained bad news. She only has 17% of her lungs function and the doctor wanted her to use a CPAP at night while sleeping but she refused because of the blood draw.

We walked in to Mikes Kitchen he asked about coffee and of course Tea for me. Suggested we make sandwiches for dinner today and had talked to Eric Friday afternoon. He will probably make the call later today and cancel the meeting Sunday. This virus is just about on every ones mind and those who are still working dealing with the Public seem to have it at the forefront of their mind.

I my self do not blame them one bit, some people just refuse to stay home when they are not feeling good and don’t even know what they have.

Mike had got fixings in while shopping Friday. Had made up some things we could put together. Cooked some ground beef, had shredded some potatoes and washed them to get the starch off and fried them, added cheese.

We put together a few burritos wrapped in tin foil. Mike had already put his stove and burrito cooker in the truck. Carol Made up some extra coffee for them and made a pot of tea for me that we could warm on Mikes stove.

We were all set to hit the road by 7:00 even though it was not day lite yet. We had not made any drawn in concrete plans.

Decided we would hunt the James Folwer farm we checked out last Saturday, along with the Romero farm.

Decided we would try a couple knock on the door places but if the people seemed spooked due to the virus we would pass on that. Later we chose not to do this.

Made it to the farm by day break gear up and head out to a place to set up not to far from the woods. Start with the challenge sound got a couple answering barks. Mike runs the challenge a couple more times and the answering barks are getting a bit closer.

I start the female in heat sound. Isn’t long and see a pair of coyotes bounding along the edge of the woods I believe trying to circle the decoys and get their scent.
There is no way that can be done the way we placed them with out coming in the open.

Finally they step out in my area so I sign to Carol to take the lead while I take the farther one. Dropped the hammer and Carol fires a bit before me, we still have two coyotes down in about 20 minutes. Still we run the sounds for the normal 30 minutes with two more coyotes showing up just about the time we were ready to gather the gear. This pair are in Carol’s zone. Girl is a quick learner signs Mike should take the tailing one and she would do the lead. I see her drop the hammer and fire, that tiny belch of flame leaves the barrel with no lift.
We wait another 10 minutes nothing else showed.

Gather our gear and go look at the coyotes 3 males and a female. Wrap them in the plastic for the drag to the truck. I figured Carol would fight the help with her two but bowed and waved the arm as Mike and I doubled up on hers.
Of course along the way back she took a turn dragging mine and then Mikes for a bit.

We were about to get in the truck and leave when Carol says to Mike give me the keys. I was sure Mike would protest as he doesn’t usually allow any one to drive his truck even to place it some where out of the way.
As we are going out the driveway I say you didn’t need to drive to show us you can drive a stick shift.
She said I watched Mikes eyes in the mirror on the way here and he looks tired. Mike said ya I am been a busy week and Is nice to relax and know my baby is in good hands.

Make it to the Romero place, they are already out spreading farm perfume in some corn stubble. We walk across a hay field away from that work to a row of round bails in a fence row. Mike & I walk out and set up the decoys, Carol had grabbed the callers to set out.

I had taken out my 12x12x2 inch stand for the decoy since the ground was not froze. Felt good getting rid of that weight.

Once again the Challenge sound rings out, no return answers. I waited a couple minutes for Mike to sound another one. Still nothing so I start the piglet sound going, 15 minute mark a single coyote shows up in Mikes zone. I see him fire and a coyote is down.
Was a single young female possibly looking for a mate.

Carol had not given up the trucks keys when we arrived so is driving us to the next place. Slow down we are going to make a left at that next gravel road, around that curve it gets soft because of all the sand.

Arrive at the Ellis horse farm, they board horses have trails thru oath area and rent horses to ride on them.
This farm can be a tricky place to hunt week ends but as early as we were this Saturday morning they had no guest. I had called to see if they had a group coming in the morning and was told no.

We walk across a horse pasture to a horse trail that leads to a low place (summer) in the river. Just before we arrive we work off to the left to a clump of bushes . Go out toward the river and set the decoys and callers out, Carol once again took care of them.

Back to our clump of bushes Mike started the Challenge sound going. There are answers sounded like a couple of packs in the area. Work the challenge to see if they are moving and they are.
Start working he female in heat takes about 5 minutes and a coyote come running from the wood line into the open. Slows to a walk then stops and eyes the decoy. Carols zone so she fires and one coyote is down.

Mike does the challenge sound again a couple of times, we still getting answers on the move.
Once again I let my female in heat sound work a bit. Takes 10 minutes this time for coyote to slink out into the open in Mikes zone eyeing the decoys. I am waiting to hear Mike fire and he isn’t moving, I see Carol pick up a stick toss it in his lap, see him take a look at her pointing to the coyote. He finally fires and another coyote is down.

Runs the challenge sound again and we got no answers. I run the female in heat sound for 5 minutes then wait 15 minutes nothing is showing up so we go gather gear and the two male coyotes.

:D Al

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I wait about 5 minutes then let my female in heat sound go. Took 10 minutes for a pair of coyotes to show up In Mikes zone signed Carol should take the lead. I see that little belch and a coyote drop with that tail wiggle and a third coyote pops up and turns to run I hit the kiyi sound button it stops and Carol has a double.

On the road again the truck temp read out says 36F radio announcer says is 36F feels like 31 in Oil city 10 miles away.
It has been cloudy all day and the air has a damp feel to it so with the wind does feel cooler.
Going to the first morning set I had really wished I had a camera as the clouds were broken with the sun shining turning the sky red & pink so beautiful make your heart sing to be alive and enjoying it.

We do 5 more farms getting 6 more coyotes two were mine. Decided to call it a day at 4:00PM and try to get all the coyotes skinned at Mikes before dark, we just made it too.

Eric had called and canceled the Sunday brunch kind of figured he would despite there only being about 15 people unless Mike brought Carol. But there are other people who use the restaurant and we didn’t know how may of them would show up.

:D Al
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