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Last night I saw and held in my hands a 99 takedown in .300 savage that not only was in 95% shape but was complete with a savage fitted case and was also supplied with a 2 1/2 in. .410 shotgun barrel. Can anyone tell me anything about this gun and maybe an approx. value. This was one sweet rifle/shotgun combination.

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Based on information from Murray's book "The Ninety-Nine 3ed edition:
At the request of many sportsmen purchasing a Model 99 take-down rifle and .410 Gauge auxiliary barrel, a complete unit is offered as follows:


A Model 99-G take-down rifle chambered for the .300 Savage cartridge and a .410 Gauge auxiliary barrel are sold in a handsome case. The case is made of bass-wood veneer, covered with a high-grade black fabrikoid and nickel trimmed. The interior is plush lined. This case is not supplied for any other style or caliber of rifle.
Date Introduced- 1922 Cost- $61.00 (1923)
Discontinued- Cased Set 1934 Cost- $81.00 (1932)
- .410 brl., 1938 (year end)

The .300 SAVAGE COMBINATION KIT was sold only with the Model 99-G T/D in .300 caliber with the .410 shotgun barrel, chambered for the 2 1/2" shell. The case was not supplied for any other style or caliber Model 99.

Cases alone were provided for the T/D rifles 99-F, 99-G, or 99-K at a cost of $15.00. The seperate .410 barrel was priced at $10.00, and required professional fitting to the receiver. No lengths are specified.

I cannot venture a guess on value for a matched set. By going to Google Search engine,you may be able to find another Model 99 matched set to compare to.


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Savage Model 99’s in any “flavor” have been rapidly rising in price for the past few years and this trend is accelerating quite a bit during the past 6-8 months.

There are net sites that sell firearms and there you will find people selling rifles of all kinds, but the Savage Model 99’s in decent condition are fetching considerable sums of money.

The “take-down” Model 99’s with the extra .410 barrel are bringing premium prices and I understand that the one you held has a fitted carrying case as well which would only add to the rifle’s value.

Unfortunately… because I’m NOT a “Collector”, but rather a hunter/shooter/reloader, I can’t give you a true “market price” that I feel sure that rifle is worth, but I assure you… it’s a VALUABLE rifle/shotgun combo and might bring as much as $1500 to $2,000… or MORE… in 95% condition!!! I’ve seen lesser Model 99’s actually “sell” in the price ranges I mentioned.

I own only one Model 99, a 1953 late model “EG” model in .300 Savage caliber with which I hunt whitetail deer… and for which I hand-load. I have admired such a rifle for over 40 years, but never bought one until I received the one I have as a “gift”.

When my bestest hunting buddy and my children learned that I truly admired the Savage Model 99, they pooled their money and bought the rifle I currently have and gave it to me as a birthday gift. The rifle had come out of a deceased man’s rifle collection and appeared to have hardly been used. It was in 99% condition.

That was about 5 or 6 years ago & it was worth the $425 they paid for it, but not much more. Now, the same rifle is selling for $700-$800… or MORE… in the market place.

Do NOT, under any circumstances, modify anything with either the rifle, the case or the shotgun barrel (like having a gun smith lengthen the shotgun barrel’s chamber to accommodate a 3-inch .410 shell). If you would do that or anything else to change the rifle including a rebluing job… you’d lose much of it’s “collector’s value” immediately.

I recommend that you find the net sites that sell firearms and watch that market place for a while. I am confident that if you watch those net sites, you will see rifles similar to your rifle for sale there and you’ll see not only their “asking price”, but the actual “final selling price” for which these relatively rare rifles are selling. Then you may have an idea how much that rifle you held is truly worth.

My “guess” if it’s in 95% condition & not modified in any way, but all completely “original”… about $1500. But I could be WRONG… so check it out for yourself. Frankly, I wouldn’t pay that much for it… but a wild-eye’d “Savage Collector” a New York MINUTE!!!

Strength & Honor…

Ron T.
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