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Now that I know what some of you guys are interested in, I couldn't help but notice this at a dealer in the neighboring town today.

Savage 99E in .308 for $250 used.

Has an ugly recoil pad added--glued?--to the butt, a padded leather sling, and some kind of smaller aperture scope. Dealer checked the bore and it looks good.

Wood finish and bluing is worn, but action felt good, no obvious sign of bad treatment. Stock seemed to have a kind of mis fit on one side at the rear of the receiver. Seemed very solid, though, and don't know that it's anything to worry about.

Don't know if this is something that some of you would be interested in--especially those looking for the .300 Savage cartridge as much as the rifle.

But .308 is a popular cart. too so I thought I'd post and offer to pass along the FFL infor for the dealer just in case. I have no connection to the dealer, but is an FFL that comes highly recommended from the locals.
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