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Okay, the search function ain't working and I ain't spending 10 hours looking through months of post headers looking for this. So, sorry if this a a re-post...

For those of you who own Savage muzzleloaders, what do you think of the 10ML-II? I already have a late model Savage .338 w/ Accutrigger and I love it.

From what I've read, I've seen mostly great reviews of the muzzleloader and one or two 'unhappies'.

Thanks for the input-

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To be quite frank, I've had to put a lot more work into the MLII to get it to
shoot accurately than I did my Encore 209x50. The forearm of the stock
required sanding on one side to get it away from the barrel. For consistent
accuracy, the stock had to be bedded. I heard both prior to getting mine, as
well as since, that the plastic stocks are little more than a joke.....much too
flimsy........I got the stainless/laminated model. Many have gotten the
models with plastic stocks for weight reduction, yet they later added more
weight, both to reinforce the stock as well as to reduce the recoil!

With that being said, IF you can get through all that, it is a total joy to
shoot. Mine dropped an 8-pointer last fall with a shoulder shot with a 200gr
SW @ 90yds with a MV of over 2700fps. I have gotten 3/4" groups @ 150yds
with that same load. Others have gotten sub-1" groups @ 200yds with their
rifles' honey loads. If you have the patience, this great rifle can rival a lot
of center fire rifles. It takes a LOT of attention to detail, waiting it out during
hot weather, and a LOT of patience. Did I say it takes a LOT of patience?
Yes, I did, and it does!
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