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Scope or open sights on 1894P

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I have a Marlin 1894P .44 mag. My dad thinks I should use open sights, but I would like a scope. I'm am using my gun for Caribou and Moose. Any suggestions on what I should use? Thank you for your help. :D
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if i were you...

i would trust in your father's guidance and experience. i am sure he is familiar with the area you would hunt and which would be more of an advantage for you. aside from that, the gun your talking about is a handy ( and nice ) gun. a scope adds weight and (in my opinion) ruins how easy it is to handle. good luck either way.
The whole purpose of the "P" series is to have a short, light, FAST handling rifle. Too, the rifle is not stocked for a scope, it will cheek and line up with the open sights.

The 1894 is a 44 mag, not a long distance number. You no doubt have young eyes that can work the open sights, I agree with Dad. Let it be.

Just for grins, have ya considered a tang or peep sight? Better sights than barrel mounted, and faster when ya get used to them without the extra weight and unbalanced feel of a scope??

Butler Ford
Thanks guys. I've never seen tang or peep sights. Do I have to have a gunsmith install them? Is there someplace on the web where I could see them?
:D Howdy Chris, give this a try:

There are others, I just can't think of them off the top of my head, when I do, I'll list'em here for ya.

Butler Ford
Thanks for the help. My dad and I looked at the sights and they look like a good way to go.
:D Chris, I'm just tickeled to death to be able ta help. Good luck with whatever you and your dad decide.

Your Pard


Depends on who's buyuing the scope. If you are buying it, want it, think it will aid you in making a clean kill on the animals you are after, then by all means put a scope on it. If your dad is paying for it, then I guess you don't get the scope.

Come on guys, just how heavy are the scopes you guys are using? I can't see how adding a small variable or fixed power scope will add all that much weight. How much does a Leupold vari X II weigh? Less than a pound right? So just how is this going to make the 94P not as fast and handy for a young man to hunt with it?

Coug, not stocked for a scope? It's drilled and tapped for one isnt it? Marlin must a forgot to change the stock :shock: . I bet chris p is a bit younger than most of us guys. Do some weight liftting for pete's sake so you can carry that heavy scope around. :-D
I put a XS ghost sights and scout scope base on my Marlin 1894C 357mag. They are made by Ashley Outdoors. They ghost ring sights work good for me. I have Warne QD rings to go on the scout base and have a Leopold 2.5 IER scope on order. Here is their web site at :)
Thanks mark c I am pretty tough I am a dog musher and I carry 40 pound dog food bags. I get paid pretty well with that job and i also work for another man. I am going to by the scope with my PFD (Permant Fund Dividend). :lol:
Alright Chris p

I figured you were not as old as some of the codgers on this board. I have one lever gun with a scope and one without, and I love em both and have killed game with both. What ever works best for YOU, is what you should go with. Happy hunting.
markc :grin:
Peep sights...

I have a Williams peep sight on my 1894 and can shoot better with it at distances UNDER 150 yards than I can with my SCOPED .25-06. It's a matter of ease of handling, quick sight picture and simply being used to it.

Here's the Williams, which I didn't see mentioned above.
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Do those williams peeps come with different sized openings to look through, or are they all the same? I would like to try one on my 1894, but the front sight is poor too atleast to me.
markc :)
I got the Leopold 2.5x IER scope today and mounted it on the 1894C 357mag. It is a slick set-up. Went to the range today and sighted it in for 75yds. You get a fast sight picture when you bring the gun up. This is going to be my coyote gun while calling. :D
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