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What reticle style do y'all consider the best all-around for varmints? I'm shopping for a new scope for my new Coyote in .22-250 and I see lots of Plex's, Fine Plex's, Mil-Dot's, Target Dots, 1/8 min Dots, Fine Crosshairs, Ballistic Mil-Dots, different Rangefinder styles, and some really weird ones from ATN and Nightforce (waaay too expensive).

In the past I've used mostly Plex's, but I'm intrigued with the Mil-Dot and am really interested in the Ballistic Mil-Dot from Burris (but the price is somewhat steep and it'll take me a couple more months to save enough to afford it). Anybody got any experience with this one? If you have one, then you must have thought it was worth the price, but are you still satisfied with it? Inquiring minds want to know..... :grin:

Only accurate rifles are interesting.
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