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I have 4 items for sale. If you are interested in seeing a picture of any of these items, let me know and I will take some and send them to you.

1) Bushnell Holo Sight II. $120. Uses 2 ea 1.5 V "N" size batteries. A nice little Holo sight. This price includes user manual, a new set of batteries, and shipping. - SOLD

2) SKS scout scope mount. This scope mount allows you to mount a scope rail on a SKS rifle. The rail is mounted by removing the existing rear sight on the SKS and replacing it with the scout scope mount. Set screws are included with instructions. The mount is " matte silver" and comes from Scout Industries Inc. $20 includes shipping.

3) 4 x 20 Bushnell Banner scope. $40 Includes endcaps and shipping.

4) Scope : This scope came with a "package" that I bought a long time ago. It was originally supposed to be mounted on a SKS rifle. I never used it for that so the scope has never been used. It has flip up end caps. I have no idea who the manufacturer is as there are no markings on it. It is probably of Chinese manufacture. I also have no idea as to the magnification. It appears to be 6X. It is short, about 10 inches in length. The optics are fairly clear but I have no idea how well it will hold up under stress. So, this scope is a real gamble for someone willing to take it off my hands for the amazing low price of $20. This price includes shipping.

Thanks for your interest.

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