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Scopes on the SKS

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Scopes on the SKS

Do you have more info about this mount or a web site?

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Scopes on the SKS

I didn't realize that I wasn't logged in when I posted my reply above. If you are interested in my mount, email me @ [email protected].

Scopes on the SKS

I have tried about all of the mounts where you replace the receiver cover. Didn't like any of them. They all seemed to move on me, no matter how tight I had them fitting. I know some people who have had good luck with them, but not me personally. The mount I use now is the one that fits over/around the receiver and receiver cover. Just to clarify.
SKS Mounts

Chris: We had a bunch of discussions about this a few months ago and found that the trick with mounting a receiver cover scope mount on an SKS is to assure that it is properly tightened down at all four corners.

Some of the mounts are held on only by a replacement pin at the rear. Others have both the pin and a set screw on one side of the receiver cover mount. Both types work loose easily and you lose your zero and then you lose your patience. Let's not talk about what we lose next.

About the best way to do this is to get a mount with set screws or positioning screws in the rear, then tap two more holes up front, one on either side so you have four screws holding the mount down. Then they don't go anywhere and should last you for a while.

Hope this helps. Mikey.
sks scope mounts

Robert357:Where did you get the Detroit Engineering scope mount? I'm interested but have never heard of that brand.
Detroit Scope Mount

They have a website. Go to it, check out the products and look for the SKS accessories (if the following doesn't work it is

I would telephone them and tell them what you have and what you want to do. Many, many years ago, when I did this, I told them I already had rings with my Tasco Pro-Point red dot I was going to moutn. They sold me the scope mount for less than the advertized price, but didn't include the rings they normally would have. Good folks.

Good luck and let us know what you do and how it works out.

Again, scope height was very important to me and that is why I choose this firm. The replacement cover I got required a little bit of hand filing to fit but fitting took no more than about 2 minutes. I is very tight and hasn't move around at all.
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