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I have a 4.5X14X50 leupold. Does anybody trust or understand the rangefinder on this scope?
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I have a this same scope in the Illuminated reticle version - it's a fine hair duplex.

I'm not quite sure what you mean by rangefinder. I know that leupold offers different reticles - some reticles, I think, may be ballistic plex.

Let me know what you mean by "rangefinder" and I'll try and see if I can help you.


Many Leupold scopes have this Range Estimator feature. This is from Leupolds website:

Range Estimating

Selected Vari-X III scopes have a built-in range estimator. It’s a simple system that uses the Duplex® reticle and two sets of numbers on the power selector ring. The numbers facing front show the scope’s magnifications. The numbers facing back show distances in yards and meters.

Looking through the scope, the space between the tip of the thicker post and the center of the reticle covers 16" at 200 yards, when set at low power.

So let’s say you’re targeting a deer whose body is 16" backbone to brisket. Adjust the power selector so that the deer’s body fits between the center of the crosshair and the top of the lower heavy post. Then, read the approximate distance in yards, from a minimum of 200 at low power to a maximum of 600 at high power.

Hopefully this helps out, if not let me know.
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I have the Leupold 4.5-14X40 but the only deer that I have tried the rangefinder method on were some does. The bodies of the does around here are not big enough and therefore the range estimation is off.
Ohhh, it that was bill was talking about? I thought it was something entirely different. :oops:

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