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Scoping the 454

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Looking for advice on which scopes can handle the 454. I have the Ruger w/ 9.5" barrel. The $40 scope from BSA looks awfully tempting, but I have a feeling that it won't last through the first six rounds. Anyone have experience with this? Thanks.
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Get a 2 or 4 power Leupold and never look back. I usually used the 2 power for all of my hunting with the 454. Most of the time you get what you pay for.
I did a product test of the FA83 in .454 Casull and the Taurus RB in .454 Casull. For these test the FA83 wore a B&L 3000 2-6 and the RB a Bushnell Elite 3200 2-6. Identical scopes just before and after the name change. Both held up just fine thru over 1000 rounds on each gun.

If you put on a $40 BSA scope on a 454, forget about it lasting 6 rounds, I don't think it will pass one!

Other great choices include the Burris 2x-7x-32mm handgun scope. I have one on my 454 and it has been absolutely flawless.

I also have a Bushnell Holosight Compact. I don't have it on a 454 but I do have it on a hunting revolver--I like it.
:D I have a nikon on my 454 been on it for 3 yrs. not a problem one
I had a BSA on a Encore Muzzleloader Rifle. It lasted exactly five shots and that recoil is a lot less than a 454 Handgun. On my handguns I have had good luck with Leopold, Burris, Nikon and Bushnell.

I know it is hard to spend the money but there are more advantages than just the scope holding up. Check out the brightness difference and how much easier it is to aim without the scope blacking out with the better scopes.
I will recommend either the Leupold 4X or the Busnell Elite 3200 2-6X. One simply cannot afford to hunt with a cheap scope.
What brand of red dot was you using that did not hold up? I am wanting to try one on a 375 Win. Contender but am afraid the cheap ones will not last.

I would definately say that you gat what you pay for its hard to tell anyone what he or she should buy evryone has their own tastes and likes, but as one poster to another i would encourage you to spend a litt;e more and get somthing with a good warentee just encase something goes to the birds.
I agree with ya 100% Kevin. I learned a while back with scopes that the cheaps might work, but they are not near the quality. I never really realized it until I put a couple quality ones on some guns and when you go back and forth between the ones of different quality on the same day when deer hunting the difference is really noticable.

My thing with a red dot is that I have never been able to convince myself that I would like one but keep wanting to try one. Since money is kind of tight right now, I would like a cheap one just to see if I liked it before investing some big bucks. But, I am afraid that it would not hold up on a fairly hard kicker.

I will either can the idea for a while or will buy a cheap one from Wally World to try so that I can easily return it if it self destructs.
I have a 2x leupold on my ruger 44 . The reply are right spent the money . The deer will thank you.:grin:
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