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see thru scope rings for 3/8 receiver?

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Any suggestions on a good set of see thru mounts for the grooved receiver rimfires?

I only want this see thru option on one of my field rifles so I can set it up for open sight CB Long use and scoped hv long rifle use.

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Most rimfire shooters will say dont do it(use see thru mounts)They say there flimsey.I dont know but I would look to see if millet makes any,I think they make some of the best rings out there.
I've got a set of Kwik-Site see-throughs for a dovetailed receiver listed in the classifieds here at Graybeard.

How did the Kwik-Site see thru's work on your rifle? I have a set of Kwik-Site's for a Romanian M69 that would not stay put in the 10mm rails, yes the rings were designed for this size rail.

I have never had much luck with mounting aluminum clamp on type rings to a steel receiver gun no matter what name is stamped on the rings. Best standard height rings I have are Millet Steel Rings, but I can find any in see thru configuration.


These Kwik-Site rings are a bit unusual as each unit is composed of three pieces. Top of ring is one piece, left bottom ring portion also has the left side of dovetail clamp and the right bottom ring also has the right side dovetail clamp. It's been a while but i seem to remember that they were a bit difficult to assemble onto the gun, but not impossible.

I had used these on an Anschütz Exemplar pistol, mainly to get the scope a bit higher. This was before the use of the high rise mounts seen in handgun silhouette. I only used them briefly but don't remember them moving at all.
I dislike the three-piece Weaver see-thru rings - a very clunky design.
Wal-Mart sells the Leupold-brand two-piece (Side by side) see-thrus, and I have a couple sets on rifles that I want to be able to use the iron sights on for closer shooting. They seem fairly secure, but I haven't banged them around either. I've had no problem with them sliding in the grooves either. I have not tried them on the Marlin 60, which seems really prone to this problem.

I checked out the local Wal Mart and they do have the Leupold see thru mounts so I may pick a set up and see how they work.

The only see thru's I could scrounge from my parts bin are the Weaver brand you see at Wal Mart, they are the 3 piece type. I will give these a try tomorrow and see how they hold up, if they dont work then off to Wally World I go to get the Leupolds.

moontroll said:
B-Square rings? NO WAY. Way to flimsy. Funny thing about see-thru rings, if you use a scope with an objective bell over 32mm it ends up blocking the view anyway. Seeing all my .22 rim fires wear scopes with 40 to 44 mm objective bells see-thru rings would be useless anyway. Lawdog
Please don't do it...

Quick release maybe, but please not another set of see through. It is like your friend that sho up wearing parachute pants or a mullet and thinking that is good look!
I have the Leupolds from Wally World on a Marlin .22 mag and they work well. Only have about 150 rounds through the rifle, but ok so far.
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