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Sen. John Edwards NC. run for President.

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Hey Folks any body out there from NC. Just wondering what Edwards stand is on the SECOND AMMENDMENT? Has he voted for Gun controll or what? His web site won't give any Information pretaining to GUNS at all. I bet Hellary Hates his guts and liver.
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Senator Edwards

I'm from N.C. so that makes me an expert on Democrats. Edwards is a millionaire who made his money as a trial lawyer sueing people and corporations. He is a slippery type who will not be pinned down on any subject. Typical lawyer. He is, at this time, trying to be everything to everybody and will not alienate anyone until after the primaries. He's no Schumer or Klinton but he IS a Democrat. 'Nuff said?

Call your next case!
Hey Ya'll, This is what NCRPA.ORG had to say about him; Senator Edwards has been very successful in ducking direct questions about
his views on gun control; however, he has voted in favor of every gun
control measure brought forward in the Senate since he was elected. Our
opinion: he is solidly supportive of gun control and would support an
anti-gun agenda. I emailed them yesterday.
Edwards is the person to watch out for. He is a real second Slick Willie &
pitiful Jimmy Carter combined. Noone thought anything about Carter & he slipped in real easy. Was a yes boy for the Demo party. Think it will be either Edwarads or Kerry, MA, as the Democraps pick.
If Edwards from NC is so anti-gun how did he get elected and what was the NC State Rifle & Pistol Assoc. doing about informing all gun owners of NC about his feelings on gun control at the time he ran for election or re-election?? [/b]
As a former North Carolinian, I can say that there are two reasons Edwards was elected besides being soooo dreamy. 1) A lot of southerners remember the days when Democrats were not like they are today. They looked after the little guy like poor southern farmers but still had old fasioned values. 2) There are a lot of "Yankees" movin' into Tera these days and bringin' their politics with them. I think Edwards is someone to seriously watch in the time leading up to the next election. There doesn't seem to be a lot of contraversy in his past as with the Clintons, so he will be able to distance himself from them with ease and Democrats will like having a clean southern gentleman to root for. Also, and this will sound very sexist so I appoligize in advance, Edwards has Kenedy-ish good looks about him and I personnally know a lot of women who both subconsiously and consiously take that into consideration when deciding who to vote for. Kenedy pulled ahead of Nixon after the debate on TV in large part because he looked a lot better and I believe Clinton sure looked a lot better than big George and Dole. Remember how much Gore's popularity shot up after that long kiss on stage with Tipper? Heck, my wife thought Clinton was a good president even after the impeachment fiasco until I married her and exposed her to his real politics. Just something to think about.
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