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setting 330

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how in the world do you compress the springs on a 330 so that you can set the trap
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I use a setting tongs to set 330s.I have found the tong setters to be of better use than the pull setters,especially when standing in 3 feet of water ,taking a large beaver from the trap.One word of caution when using a setting tongs,once you depress the springs of the 330--keep a good grip on the tongs,so they wont kick back at you. Tom
If your just gettin into beaver trappin Ill make a suggestion. Spend the money and get Charles Dobbins video on open water beaver trapping.

Rick Hatton used to sell them...not sure if he still does....

anyway, They show you a ton of info including how to set #330's on a shovel handle. After a month of beaver trapping I bought the video and my catch went up right away.

Iv always just squeezed them together using every muscle in my
Tim B
Tim,just so you know.I sell all dobbins videos,books and lures,also all Lenon's lure,to name a few things. Tom
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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