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From time to time everyone gets a little snippy on a subject as delicate as religion and Biblical beliefs.
I, for one, will be careful to choose my words much more carefully and be considerate of the expressions of others.
I do not need to agree with everyone, but there are ways to express oneself without demeaning or berating another.
True Christians do not do that.
We must adhere to the example set by Jesus and follow God's will in ALL OUR AFFAIRS.
A few of us are not the only people that read these words.
Many people do and lately there has been a shark feeding frenzy by some.
I hate that and want it to stop.
Now for some truths about what I think of all of you, even the ones I have disagreed with in heated debate.
This is from the heart.
With reference to the Holy Trinity I so adamantly do not believe in.
So many of you showed me so much scripture in support of the Trinity that I have been rethinking the situation.
You all might be right. I'm only human and can be absolutley wrong.
I learn from all of you.
That's what this forum is supposed to be for.
To help one another learn about God and his devine message for us.
Just an opinion I thought I'd share.
With reference to Easter and pagan symbols.
Many of you agreed the bunnies and eggs are pagan symbols but they are not pagan symbols TODAY.
After a great deal of thought, meditation and prayer I believe you folks have a good point.
We are NOT celebrating some pagan entity with our symbols that are really meaningless except for decorations.
You gave good arguments without shedding blood or name calling.
You are to be commended for that.
Agape love to all.
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