Graybeard Outdoors banner is shutting down

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Knowing a lot of you guys have accessed the many good forums on and other related sites, I thought you will be interested in the following.

SPECIAL EDITION December 20, 2002

SHOOTERS.COM IS SHUTTING DOWN . . . will be shutting down according to a recorded message callers get when contacting its offices at (888) 200-7121. It says, "we regret to inform you that after years of service to the shooting, hunting and related industries we are forced to close our doors. We will be contacting our current and pending clients via e-mail shortly in order to support you in this transition. We thank you for having been part of the AllVertical family." Founded in 1995 as, AllVertical services several companies through Web site hosting and operates user-focused community sites including,,,,,, and No mention of the impending closure is made on any of these Web sites.

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Shooters dot com

This looks like a good home after closes down.
2F, I gotta agree, I didn't spend a lot of time at shooters. but it was a place I quickly went to when I needed information. Even if they didn't, this looks like it will be a fine cabin in the woods!

Butler Ford closing

Sorry to hear about has been a realy good site for many years now. I hope someone figures out how to save the archived material. Lot's of good information has gone through that site.
Perhaps some of them will migrate over this way, sure hate to see that entire group split up with different choices of where to share the information. This site takes some getting use to but...yat-ta-hay, I guess they all do. All part of the learning curve.
Respectfully, Russ
Just came over....from

Hey ALL....just came over from, I was kinda new there...about 2 weeks. Then I find out they are shutting problem..looks pretty nice over here.

Click on my personal webpage if you like.
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