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Shotloads with f/l smoothbore pistol for rabbits/grouse?

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Is anyone using shotloads in smoothbore flintlock pistols for rabbits/grouse?Experience/loads?I picked up a flintlock [Middlesex Village Trading Co.] 1756 English Seas Service flintlock pistol.It's smoothbore and .615 caliber.I'd like to try using it for small game[rabbits/grouse] with shot.
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Shotloads with f/l smoothbore pistol for ra

:D Your range is going to be kinda limited to mayby 10 yards with it. I would use the powder that is recommended for a round ball load. After placing the powder i would put an over the powder wad on top of it,and maybe a 1/2 oz to a 3/4 oz load of #6 shot,with a card wad over that. If ya dont have card wads,hornet nesting material works real good and I use it a lot. It will not start on fire if it is used over the powder,or over the shot to hold it iin the barrel. I have found that these little smoothbores can be a lot of fun for what you are talking about,but it has been awhile since I have used one for that. Just make sure that u have an over the powder wad and a fiber wad over the powder before the shot charge. ..You can vary the pattern by the adjusting the wad colume somewhat.,but dont expect a tight pattern. King ps.....Felt wads work ok also. 8)
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