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Hey Danny,

Thanks for sending the Email. Internet time has been limited with production being very busy. I answer Emails ([email protected]) about twice a day so that is the best way to contact. We have standardized our front sights and they are now available in the following configurations.

(All sights are sized for a standard 3/8" dovetails and have blades .070" wide)

(Base Width) (Height)

1/2" .650" (for barrels that are dovetailed)

3/8" .400" - .450" - .500" (For 3/8" wide Ramps)

1/4" .400" - .450" - .500" (For 1/4" wide Ramps)

LOTS of information available at on our Technical Page, Frequently Asked Questions Page, and Front sight Page.

Please read the information carefully as it should answer almost any front sight question you may have.


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