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Scopes and lever actions just don't go together! :-D

Look into Williams or Ashley reciever sights and open the door to a handier, faster shooting rifle that is lighter to boot! I have a Williams reciever sight on my Marlin 1894S and would go to one for a Big Bore as well.

BTW, I can outshoot my scoped .25-06 bolt action with the 1894 setup with the reciever sight out to 150 yards in field positions! :shock:
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Jim J

If you want a scope, buy one. They fit lever guns just fine. You gun is already drilled and tapped for a scope mount, so I guess Marlin knew what they were doing.

Leuopold makes a nice 2X7 that works well Vari X i or II. Cost around $200.00 depending on where you shop. A scope on a lever gun is all a matter of personal choice. If a scope is what you want, buy one, if it helps YOU to shoot more accurately, buy one. It doesn't matter what others can do with their unscoped lever guns, go with what works for you.
markc :)
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