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RIP Skip:

Fifty Cal. Legend Skip Talbot Collapses on Firing Line
July 1, 2005
As most of you know, this week is the Fifty Caliber National Championships at Raton, NM. This is the first year for the new championship format. Unlike previous years that were only 3 days, the addition of new competition classes has expanded the match format to a week. The match chairman for this year is Skip Talbot.

On Wednesday of the competition, Skip, dean of the fifty-caliber shooting sports, FCSA member #1, collapsed while on the firing line at Raton and had to be rushed to the hospital. He was diagnosed with internal bleeding of an unknown cause and emergency surgery was performed to remove his spleen. The prognosis was that he'd be in the hospital a week for recovery before being sent home. In the past few hours, however, his situation has deteriorated unexpectedly and the outcome is in doubt.

Please keep Skip, his wife Carmen, their family and friends in your prayers tonight.

Further information will be passed on as it is received. Watch the Fifty Caliber Shooters Assn and Fifty Caliber Institute websites for further updates.

Both organizations send our best hopes and wishes to Skip. Without him, there would've been no fifty-caliber shooting sports.

Keith Pagel
Executive Director,
Fifty Caliber Institute
UPDATE ---------------------------------------------
We lost Skip at 7:45 AM, this morning, Mountain Standard Time.
There are no additional details available at this time. As soon as there are, we'll pass them along to you via the FCSA and FCI websites.

If heaven has a firing range, that's where you'll find Skip. If it doesn't, I'm sure it soon will have.

Keith Pagel
Executive Director,
Fifty Caliber Institute

Additional information has been received about services for Skp Talbot, FCSA President, past VP, past member of the Board of Directors, President Emeritus, World Champion, World Record Holder, and founder, who died unexpectedly this past week, while in command of the .50 Caliber National Championships at Raton, NM.

For those of you wishing to send flowers or attend services, they will be in Skip's home town of Fallon, NV, at the Christian Life Center, 1435 Kaiser, at 10 AM, Saturday, July 9. The phone number at the CLC is 775-423-6900. Zip code is 89406.

Skips' home address is:
2462 Hammond Dr.
Fallon, NV 89406
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