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Hay BigBill: I have a Chinaman's SKS with a front sight problem like that but mine came with one of those red plastic twist it sight adjusters. Mine shot low and I automatically raised the rear sight. A couple of boxes of ammo later I said 'Duh', why don't I just lower the front sight -uh huh, duh? It worked for me. I have a couple of those little beauts - one is an old bring back with pits in the chamber - shoots S&B steel case very well. The other is a true Chinama's SKS - unlined bore and all. But, they're fun. How ya been????? Mikey here.

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Bigbill, in a pinch a blackpowder nipple wrench will work on SKS/AK front sights elevation.

I had a Norinco several years back, and sold it much to my regret. Got a Romy AK, but it just ain't the same.
Got a Yugo M59/66 several months ago, and I love it. With a scope and a steel bipod (this thing's heavy!) I call it my "Poorman's M1A". :lol:

Finally got another Norinco, and have shot it enough to be pleased with it. I plan to really wring it out this weekend. It seems to like the cheap Wolf stuff, that my Yugo doesn't like. The Yugo likes the pricier UMC commercial ammo. 8)
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