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Slightly off topic post, but you guys ought to know

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I have an RCBS JR3 press that I have used as my only press for over 20 years. It has done a yeoman service, from general reloading to forming brass in 8mm-86 and 40-70BN. The only thing I've never asked it to do is swage bullets. Please realize I'm not complaining.

While reloading yesterday I noticed a change in operation. Always before the ram would stay down (handle up) between operations. Now just the weight of the handle pulls the rem up. I also noticed varying pressure resizing cases, but this may have been my cases.

My question is, is there something in the ram channel that has provided resistance that is now gone, and might this then provide more play in the ram than is ideal? Or am I imagining it all?

I did post a poll in the New Forums site suggesting a general reloading forum for this type of question, but until then I figure you are the guys I know, so I'll ask you.
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Just Call

Those things are guaranteed for life. Why not just call RCBS and ask?

A couple of their items wore out on me after years of service. They asked me to send them back, which I did, and they just replaced them.
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