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I know this is an airgun forum, but slingshots are kinda the same. Anyone here hunt with them? Just wondering
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Slingshots and air guns? It will be interesting to see who stumbles on your inquiry.

I remember the last time I drew a slingshot back and let one fly!!! The rock hit my thumb and it THROBBED for two weeks. :( I promise you the flight of the slinghot traveled farther than the rock...and I'll bet that dang slingshot is still sitting in the bottom of that lake! :lol:

yeah many people think that slingshots are kids toys, but the newer like Trumark can kill any small game.
Not for something over 45 years. I have had a couple since then and keep thinking of getting one of the more powerful ones they now make but just haven't done it. Doubt I'd do much hunting with it tho.

yeah my Trumark say it can go at 220 yards and over 200 mph. I don't know if that is true but i know it can go through two heavy layers of cardboard and then through a milk jug.
Slingshot is a bad medicine for many critters.A simple commercial Barnett Diablo after reduced of a 1/2 or 1 inch the rubber is good for rabbit to 15 yarde range(headshoot).Remember Falcon Slingshot is powerfull for gator gar bowfishing!
The good ol' slingshot...........

Slingshots are good challenging fun.
Had a few of the 'wrist rockets' growing up and even managed to hit a prowling dog or two that kept coming around the house. Later in life (early 20's) I decided I needed to get another good slingshot for rabbit & grouse hunting the outskirts of a big town. Well I proceeded to get a nice model slingshot and various projectiles (marbles, 1/4" & 3/8" steel shot), then soon found out how hard it is to be very accurate w/one at any distance. I think it is like taking up traditional archery, IT TAKES A LOT OF TIME & PRACTICE to be good enough to hunt small game with one!!! That's when I decided to buy a pellet gun! :wink:

My hat is off to people who can bring home meat for the pot w/a slingshot!

Good luck, Del
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