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small traps...big catches

Not sure if this qualifies for a big catch or not, but here is my experience:
I caught the tire of a four-wheel drive in a #2 longspring myself. Well, I almost did anyway. Of course, the truck won that matchup. The truck's driver worked the set after he/she decided that they couldn't pull my earth anchored-trap out of the ground, so he/she just backed over the trap several times (according to the track patterns and shoe prints).
I wished I would have "forgotten" a handful of fence staples or roofing nails at that set when I was making it, then maybe we both could have enjoyed a little of the expense of this person's antics. The trap springs and the earth anchor are all that are saveable for me out of this piece of equipment.
Thank you, whoever you were. Nice to know we can all enjoy the outdoors together these days in a peaceful coexistence.
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