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Smith and Wesson airgun revolvers

I have no idea of the quality of the S&W airguns. I'm still in my boycott of ALL S&W products and will stay in that mode until such time as they either totally disavow the agreement them made with Klinton or take legal action to get out of it.

There is no airgun forum because it was hardly ever used except by the guy who wanted to do nothing but try to promote his site on mine. It is highly unlikely there will be another airgun forum here.


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I have the Colt 1911 version - most of these guns are made by Umarex - Colt, Beretta, S&W, and even the Walther Lever Rifle I think. They are quite well made and made to use. I probably have nearly 1,000 rounds through my Colt. It is much more accurate than I can shoot. When I'm practicing regularly I can keep most shots in a 2 inch bull at 7 to 10 yards double action. I can get about 40 shots at full power then it fades until about 60 to 80 shots. Up to now I have mostly used Daisy and Crossman pellets. I use it strictly for paper.

I'm seriously thinking about the S&W as one gun review said they were a little better than the Colt or Beretta versions - and it would be more like my revolvers. But I've blown all my $ on a air rifle and gear lately so gotta save up.

Only problem for my Colt is that it doesn't shoot in single action - and thats a frustration. I sent it to Daisy the authorized service agent and they tried but didn't fix it. So I just shoot it DA but I'm thinking of sending it back again.

GB - I miss the airgun forum too, but I think you are wise to keep focused on firearms. Straight Shooters has a great forum and excellent product reviews on many airguns. There is an American Airguns Forum and Chinese Airgun forum for people interested in those disciplines.
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