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might have to play with the loop size, height off of ground, and length of snare cable including loop. If there is anything solid to wrap the snare cable around such as a tree, fence line, etc. and if your cable is long enough, a **** will wrap you up very well.
I have a difficult time myself getting consistent neck catches. ***** do some damage to themselves too in snares if everything isn't "just right". Since they can reach well with those front paws, they can dig and claw right into the area of a lock or cable itself on their hide.
I myself found less damage if they did get all wrapped up, especially if wrapped up against something like a tree or log that they could chew on. Seemd to take the focus off of the thing cinched down around their body.
The ones that I catch that just "mow" the grass down for the entire snare cable length in the fight circle seem to have more hide damage.
anybody out there with **** snaring tips for me on this subject too???
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