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This is a 10 inch .30 herrett with weaver bases and rings. I haven't shot it, it came with a trade with other barrels and I don't have the dies or the desire to load for it.

Outside is in good shape, a couple of scratches and usual frame rubs, but inside shows a little bit of rust pitting about 1/2 inch in from the muzzle at the bottom of three grooves if you look close. It should still shoot okay, but I want to be sure the buyer knows it's not perfect. I'm pricing it accordingly, as a good hunting barrel, at $125 plus shipping, which will run about $8.50 by priority mail unless you live a long distance from me and need a $10.35 flat rate shipping. I'll take that risk and ship for $8.50.

PM here or email at ssdave AT rushmore DOT com (make the obvious substitutions).

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